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Particles_mapFromMesh.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Particles_mapFromMesh (mapType, numAttrib, attrib, pos, bndBox, deltaCell, blkLimits, solnVec, partAttribVec)

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subroutine Particles_mapFromMesh ( integer  mapType,
integer  numAttrib,
integer, dimension(2, numAttrib)  attrib,
real, dimension(MDIM)  pos,
real  bndBox,
real  deltaCell,
integer  blkLimits,
real  solnVec,
real  partAttribVec 

Routine to map a list of quantities defined on the mesh onto a single particle position.

Currently volume elements are assumed to be Cartesian or 2D axisymmetric (r-z).

This version does quadratic interpolation onto particle positions (rather than the standard linear particle-mesh mapping). The routines assumes that the input arguement attrib contains the list of particle attributes that need updating, and the corresponding mesh variables. The following constants are defined in "Particles.h" which must be included in the routine

PART_DS_IND : index into particle data structure GRID_DS_IND : index into the grid data structure As and example, if it is desired to map all three directional velocities, and the density then numAttrib is 4, and the array attrib will have the following values attrib(PART_DS_IND,1)=VELX_PART_PROP, attrib(GRID_DS_IND,1)=VELX_VAR attrib(PART_DS_IND,2)=VELY_PART_PROP, attrib(GRID_DS_IND,2)=VELY_VAR attrib(PART_DS_IND,3)=VELZ_PART_PROP, attrib(GRID_DS_IND,3)=VELZ_VAR attrib(PART_DS_IND,4)=DENS_PART_PROP, attrib(GRID_DS_IND,4)=DENS_VAR Here the order of the attributes is completely unimportant, only the map between the particle property and the grid variable should be on the same index

mapType : method used to map grid quantities to particles numAttrib : number of attributes to update attrib : list containing the attributes and the corresponding grid data structure index pos : The physical coordinates of the particle bndBox : the bounding box of the block containing the particle delta : the dx,dy,dz of the block blkLimits : containes low and high index limits of the block (without GuardCells) solnVec : Pointer to the solution data block in which particle is found partAttribVec : calculated particle attribute values

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