R&D 100 award

Flash-X is a winner of the R&D 100s award for 2022.


Code Release 2/1/2022

Argonne National Laboratory and the Flash-X Council are pleased to announce the availability of Flash-X, a new, composable multiphysics software, that is designed to be compatible with platform heterogeneity. It is derived from FLASH which has been a community code for several science domains over the last 20+ years. Flash-X is released under the Apache-2.0 license. To obtain a copy of the software please send email to: flash-x@lists.cels.anl.gov with your github ID. We only give access to the code to GitHub users that become collaborators of the Flash-X repository on GitHub, because we are required to maintain a list of users cloning the code.

The development and governance of Flash-X is overseen by the Flash-X Council, please click on the Council link to learn about the members and the role of the concil. For details about contributing code please visit the Documentation pages on this site.