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Multispecies_getPropertyVector.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Multispecies_getPropertyVector (property, values)

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subroutine Multispecies_getPropertyVector ( integer, intent(in)  property,
real, dimension(:), intent(out)  values 

Returns the values of a property of the species name in value. The name is an integer because it is defined in Simulation.h based on Config data.

description property(defined as integer in Multispecies.h) -------------------------------------------------------------- numTotal A Total number of protons and neutrons in nucleus numPositive Z Atomic number; number of protons in nucleus numNeutral N Number of neutrons numNegative E Number of electrons bindingEnergy EB Binding energy adiabatic index GAMMA Ratio of heat capacities: Cp / Cv

property - name of property define as an integer values - vector of values of the returned property


Species properties are normally set in Simulation_initSpecies. The simulation's Config file defines the number and names of species.

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