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Grid_ascReleaseBlkPtr.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Grid_ascReleaseBlkPtr (blockId, dataPtr, gridDataStruct)
subroutine Grid_ascReleaseBlk5Ptr (blockId, data5Ptr, gridDataStruct)

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◆ Grid_ascReleaseBlk5Ptr()

subroutine Grid_ascReleaseBlk5Ptr ( integer  blockId,
real  data5Ptr,
integer  gridDataStruct 

Definition at line 54 of file Grid_ascReleaseBlkPtr.F90.

◆ Grid_ascReleaseBlkPtr()

subroutine Grid_ascReleaseBlkPtr ( integer  blockId,
real  dataPtr,
integer  gridDataStruct 

Releases a pointer to allocatable scratch data for a block.

blockId - ID of the block, should be the same ID was used in the corresponding Grid_getBlkPtr call. dataPtr - Pointer to be released. gridDataStruct - an optional argument that designates the type of grid data structure to handle (i.e. facevar, unknown, scratch...)


This implementation actually does more than just releasing the pointer.

SEE ALSO Grid_ascGetBlkPtr Grid_releaseBlkPtr

Definition at line 35 of file Grid_ascReleaseBlkPtr.F90.