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Hydro_shockStrength.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Hydro_shockStrength (solnData, shock, blkLimits, blkLimitsGC, guardCells, primaryCoord, secondCoord, thirdCoord, threshold, mode)

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subroutine Hydro_shockStrength ( real  solnData,
real, dimension(blkLimitsGC(LOW,IAXIS):blkLimitsGC(HIGH,IAXIS), blkLimitsGC(LOW,JAXIS):blkLimitsGC(HIGH,JAXIS), blkLimitsGC(LOW,KAXIS):blkLimitsGC(HIGH,KAXIS)), intent(inout)  shock,
integer  blkLimits,
integer  blkLimitsGC,
integer  guardCells,
real  primaryCoord,
real  secondCoord,
real  thirdCoord,
real  threshold,
integer  mode 

Hydro_shockStrength computes a measure of shock strength for each cell in a block.

Hydro_shockStrength includes the same multidimensional shock detection algorithm as Hydro_detectShhock, from which it is derived.

solnData – pointer to a block of solution data to inspect shock – an array returning a measure of shock strenght for cells where a shock (of sufficient strength, see threshold) is detected. A combination of current shock strenght with the previous value may be returned if mode > 1, see mode below. blkLimits – index limits of block, interior cells only; see Grid_getBlkIndexLimits blkLimitsGC – index limits of block, including guard cells. guardCells – number of layers of guard cells which output is requested in addition to interior cells primaryCoord – x coordinate of solnData, i.e., coordinate in IAXIS direction, including guardcells secondCoord – y coordinate of solnData, i.e., coordinate in JAXIS direction, including guardcells thirdCoord – z coordinate of solnData, i.e., coordinate in KAXIS direction, including guardcells threshold - threshold value for shock strength mode - 1 to forget previous values in shock array, 2 to add to prev value, 3 for max of previous and current value


The guard cells need to be filled before calling this routine. The pressure needs to be updated before calling this routine

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