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RadTrans_mgdSetEnergy.F90 File Reference

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subroutine RadTrans_mgdSetEnergy (blockId, axis, grpNum, eg)

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subroutine RadTrans_mgdSetEnergy ( integer  blockId,
integer, dimension(MDIM), intent(in)  axis,
integer  grpNum,
real, intent(in)  eg 

Set the specific energy for a particular energy group in a particular cell. This routine has been created to make it easy for users to specify the energy in a group. This can be a little complicated because of mesh replication - but all of the details are handled internally in RadTrans

blockId : The blockId of the cell axis : An array storing the i,j,k coordinate of the cell grpNum : The energy group number eg : The specific internal energy to use [ergs/g]

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