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subroutine Burn_init ()

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subroutine Burn_init

Initializes various runtime parameters and the specific alpha-chain nuclear burning network for the Burn unit.


useBurn – Boolean, True. Turns on burning module useBurnTable – Boolean, False. Controls the generation of reaction rates. TRUE interpolates from a stored table; FALSE generates them analytically. useShockBurn – Boolean, FALSE. Controls whether burning is allowed inside a regime experiencing shocks algebra – Integer, 1, [1,2]. Controls choice of linear algebra package used for matrix solution. 1=Ma28 sparse package, 2=Gift hardwired package. odeStepper – Integer, 1, [1,2]. Controls time integration routines. 1=Bader-Deuflhard variable order, 2=Rosenbrock 4th order nuclearTempMin/Max – Real, 1.1E+8/1.0E+12. Minimum and maximum temperature ranges where burning can occur nuclearDensMin/Max – Real, 1.0E-10/1.0E+14. Minimum and maximum density range where burning can occur. nuclearNI56Max – Real, 1.0. Maximum mass fraction of nickel where burning can occur. enucDtFactor – Real, 1.0E+30. Timestep limiter. See Burn_computeDt for details.

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