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logical function Hydro_gravPotIsAlreadyUpdated ()

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logical function Hydro_gravPotIsAlreadyUpdated

This function returns an indication whether the most recent call to Hydro has, as a side effect, completely updated the gravitational potential in the UNK variable GPOT (and other state related to gravitational forces if applicable - see implementation of sink paticles).

Code that is responsible for updating GPOT to the most recent solution of the Poisson equation for gravity (typically by calling Gravity_potential at the end of each time advance iteration in Driver_evolveAll) MAY use this function to avoid an unnecessary additional call to the Poisson solver.

An implementation of this interface should only return TRUE when it is certain that an additional call to Gravity_potential would not change results.

For any constant-in-time Gravity implementations, the return value does not matter.

No arguments


Driver_evolveAll Hydro Gravity_potential Particles_advance

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