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Grid_countParticles.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Grid_countParticles (props, localCount, elementTypes, maxCount)

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subroutine Grid_countParticles ( integer  props,
integer  localCount,
integer  elementTypes,
integer  maxCount 

counts the particles per type.

props : number of properties of each element in the dataBuf datastructure

localCount : While coming in it contains the current number of elements mapped to this processor. After all the data structure movement, the number of local elements might change, and the new value is put back into it. elementTypes : Count of different types of elements in the simulation maxCount : This is parameter determined at runtime, and is the maximum number of local elements that a simulation expects to have. All the arrays that hold particles in the Particles unit are allocated based on this number.

NOTES Currently this routine is called by io_ptwriteParticles (serial/parallel), Grid_moveParticles, Particles_initData

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