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Grid_pfftInit.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Grid_pfftInit (ndim, needMap, globalLen, localArraySize, transformType, baseDatType, jProcs, kProcs, refinementLevel, region_bndBox)

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subroutine Grid_pfftInit ( integer  ndim,
logical  needMap,
integer  globalLen,
integer  localArraySize,
integer  transformType,
integer  baseDatType,
integer  jProcs,
integer  kProcs,
integer  refinementLevel,
real  region_bndBox 

This is the initialization routine for using Pfft. If needMap is true, routine creates a schedule of data transfers that would map AMR or UG grid to PFFT. This schedule is remembered internally by Pfft until the Grid_pfftFinalize routine is called. If needMap is false, it is assumed the data distribution is already compatible with Pfft requirements: That is along IAXIS, the entire row is within one processor.

The routine also calls gr_pfftInitMetaData, which is responsible for calculating the trignometric tables, creating communicators necessary for distributed transposes in Pfft and allocates workspace

ndim - dimensionality of the problem needMap - should be true if the default shape is not compatible with requirements of the input Pfft array. Only if this argument is true, is the map determined. globalLen - the globalsize of the domain localArraySize - after mapping to pfft_grid, the local size for the domain transformType - type of transform along each dimension if none is specified we assume realtocomplex in first dimension and complextocomplex in the rest baseDatType - basic data type (rela or complex) along each dimension, after the transform for that direction (if any), the 0 component specifies data type before IAXIS transform. jProcs,kProcs - if they are present, they decide the shape of the processor grid for pfft. If they are not present, a routine that can automatically determine the shape is called. refinementLevel - The block refinement level at which we will create the map. region_bndBox - If the map is from a subset of the physical domain in AMR to Pfft grid, this argument contains the bounding box of the region

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