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subroutine Eos_getParameters (eintSwitch, inputsAreUnchanged, inputTempIsGuess, constantGammaC, inputMassFracNeeded, smalle, smallE1, smallE2, smallE3)

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subroutine Eos_getParameters ( real  eintSwitch,
logical  inputsAreUnchanged,
logical  inputTempIsGuess,
logical  constantGammaC,
logical  inputMassFracNeeded,
real  smalle,
real  smallE1,
real  smallE2,
real  smallE3 

Return information about the Eos implementation that may be of interest to other units.

eintSwitch - value of the Eos unit's eintSwitch runtime parameter. inputsAreUnchanged - Indicates whether calls to Eos (or Eos_wrapped, etc.) can result in modification of some state variables that should be, strictly speaking, input only to the EOS in the given mode. If this is true, then calls to Eos with MODE_DENS_PRES can modify the pressure, and calls with MODE_DENS_EI can modify enery variables. inputTempIsGuess - Indicates whether the Eos implementation uses the temperature provided on entry to a call as in initial gues in an iterative scheme. constantGammaC - Indicates whether the gamc returned by Eos will always be constant. inputMassFracNeeded - Indicates whether the Eos implementation makes use of mass fractions. smalle - value of the Eos unit's smallE runtime parameter. smallE1,smallE2,smallE3 - values of lower bounds for temperature components in multiTemp implementations.


use Eos_interface, ONLY: Eos_getParameters logical :: inputUnchanged, needTempInput ... call Eos_getParameters(inputsAreUnchanged=inputUnchanged,inputTempIsGuess=needTempInput)


This interface assumes that Eos initialization has already taken place when Eos_getParameters is called.

Since this interface uses optional arguments, all routines calling this routine must include a use Eos_interface statement, possibly with "ONLY" attribute listing Eos_getParameters explicitly, e.g. use Eos_interface, ONLY: Eos_getParameters

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