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Grid_smoothVar.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Grid_smoothVar (ivar, ivarOut, solnData, lbUI, lbUJ, lbUK, blklim, smoothMethod, gcLayers, blockID, useMinSmoothVarVal, minSmoothVarVal, useMaxSmoothVarVal, maxSmoothVarVal, smoothCoeff)

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subroutine Grid_smoothVar ( integer, intent(in)  ivar,
integer  ivarOut,
real  solnData,
integer  lbUI,
integer  lbUJ,
integer  lbUK,
integer, dimension(2,MDIM), intent(in)  blklim,
integer  smoothMethod,
integer  gcLayers,
integer  blockID,
logical  useMinSmoothVarVal,
real  minSmoothVarVal,
logical  useMaxSmoothVarVal,
real  maxSmoothVarVal,
real  smoothCoeff 

Smooths one variable in the data passsed in as array solnData.

ivar : index into solution vector, indicating a variable to be smoothed. ivarOut: index into solution vector, indicating where the smoothed variable is to be stored. May be the same as ivar. solnData : The block data on which to operate lbUI,lbUJ,lbUK: Lower bounds of assumed-shape array solnData smoothMethod : Method for smoothing. blockID : Identifies the block on to whic hdata belongs; optional, for debugging. gcLayers : In how many layers of guard cells, in addition to the interior cells, the smoothed output is desired. Note that one more layer is required in the variable given by ivar for input to the smoothing.


Modifies a variable (as requested by argument ivarOut) in the solution storage UNK.

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