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Grid_getSingleCellCoords.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Grid_getSingleCellCoords (ind, level, edge, coords)

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subroutine Grid_getSingleCellCoords ( integer, dimension(1:MDIM), intent(in)  ind,
integer, intent(in)  level,
integer, intent(in)  edge,
real, dimension(1:MDIM), intent(out)  coords 

Returns the coordinates of a single cell of a given block.

ind - array holding the indices of the cell whose coordinates to return. In this implementation, global indices (for the given level) are assumed.

level - refinement level (1 based)

edge - indicates if user wants the left, center or right edge of the block options are LEFT_EDGE, RIGHT_EDGE, or CENTER. These constants are defined in constants.h

coords : returned coordinates of the specificed cell

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