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Driver_getNumProcs.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Driver_getNumProcs (communicatorType, numProcs, axis)

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subroutine Driver_getNumProcs ( integer  communicatorType,
integer  numProcs,
integer, optional  axis 

All units can use this interface to query the number of processors for communicators in use. At initialization all units call this interface. One can ask for either global communicator, or mesh communicators or axis communicators used in some implementations of Uniform mesh When there are no duplicate copies of the mesh, the mesh communicator defaults to MPI_COMM_WORLD

communicatorType - Input argument indicating whether to return the global communicator (GLOBAL_COMM), or mesh communicator (MESH_COMM) that allows duplication of mesh or it is communicator that handles rows and colums of processors (AXIS_COMM) numProcs - output argument in which to return the count of procs axis - this optional argument is included only if communicatorType is AXIS_COMM, the valid values are IAXIS, JAXIS or KAXIS

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