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Grid_outsideBoundBox.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Grid_outsideBoundBox (pos, bndBox, outside, Negh)

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subroutine Grid_outsideBoundBox ( real, dimension(MDIM)  pos,
real  bndBox,
logical  outside,
integer  Negh 

Given a point in the domain and a box defined by the "bndBox", (lower left had corner and upper right hand corner), this function determines if the point lies in the box. If the point is in the box, the value of "outside" is false, and Negh values have no meaning. If point is outside the box, then "outside" is true and Negh indicates the face or corner of the box along which the point lies. For example if the point is (1,1,1) and the bound box is <0.5,0.5,0.5><1.5,1.5,1.5>, then "outside" is true. If, for the same box, the point is <0,1,1> then outside is false, and NEGH contains <LEFT_EDGE,CENTER,CENTER> indicating that the point is outside the box along the lower face of the x axis. If the point is <0,1,2> Negh will return <LEFT_EDGE,CENTER,RIGHT_EDGE> indicating that the point is outside the large corner along the lower face of x axis and upperface of the z axis.

pos - Coordinates of the point of interest bndBox - The bounds of the box in relation to which the location of the point is of interest outside - is true if the point is outside the box, otherwise false Negh - information about the face or corner along which the point is outside the box, if it is outside the box

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