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Stencils_lsRedistance3d.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Stencils_lsRedistance3d (phi, phi_orig, dt, dx, dy, dz, ix1, ix2, jy1, jy2, kz1, kz2)

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subroutine Stencils_lsRedistance3d ( real, dimension(:,:,:), intent(inout)  phi,
real, dimension(:,:,:), intent(in)  phi_orig,
real, intent(in)  dt,
real, intent(in)  dx,
real, intent(in)  dy,
real, intent(in)  dz,
integer, intent(in)  ix1,
integer, intent(in)  ix2,
integer, intent(in)  jy1,
integer, intent(in)  jy2,
integer, intent(in)  kz1,
integer, intent(in)  kz2 

Definition at line 16 of file Stencils_lsRedistance3d.F90.