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Grid_getCellFaceAreas.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Grid_getCellFaceAreas (axis, level, lo, hi, areas)

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subroutine Grid_getCellFaceAreas ( integer  axis,
integer  level,
integer, dimension(1:MDIM)  lo,
integer, dimension(1:MDIM)  hi,
real, dimension(lo(IAXIS):hi(IAXIS), lo(JAXIS):hi(JAXIS), lo(KAXIS):hi(KAXIS))  areas 

axis - specifies the face-centered index space level - refinement level. This is 1-based, i.e., the root level is numbered 1. lo,hi - the lower-left and upper-right points in the global face-centered index space that specify the region of faces whose areas are requested areas - the array in which the requested area values will be stored

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