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Logfile_stampVarMask.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Logfile_stampVarMask (unkVarMask, willCallEos, tag, maskTag)

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subroutine Logfile_stampVarMask ( logical  unkVarMask,
logical  willCallEos,
character(len=*), intent(in)  tag,
character(len=*)  maskTag 

Generates a line in the log file that displays an unk mask (as used for masking in variables in Grid_fillGuardCells calls) and the state of the willcalleos flag.

unkvarmask : A logicall array. For each true element, the logged string has the first letter of the corresponding variable. For each flase element, the logged string has the character '-'.

willcalleos : A flag. if true, the line logged has the characters '+Eos' appended.

tag : A string that will appear at the beginning of the log line.

masktag : A string that will appear right before the logged mask string, which follows it separated by '='.


This subroutine is mostly useful for debugging purposes.

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