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Grid_getMaxCommonRefinement.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Grid_getMaxCommonRefinement (inputComm, maxRefinement)

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subroutine Grid_getMaxCommonRefinement ( integer  inputComm,
integer  maxRefinement 

This is a simple routine to find the maximum common block refinement level in the grid. We may have an AMR grid in which one portion of the grid is highly refined. Here, it may be useful to determine the highest block refinement level such that blocks of this level completely cover the computational domain.

inputComm - Input MPI communicator. maxRefinement - Max common refinement level of blocks in the inputComm communicator.


DEV: Not yet implemented for Amrex, will abort if called.

Communicator argument allows us to compare a subset of processes. It also makes it explicit to the user that this routine must be called by all processes in the passed communicator ...otherwise deadlock.

This routine differs from Grid_getMaxRefinement is several ways: 1. Grid_getMaxCommonRefinement looks for existing LEAF blocks with the smallest refinement level (actual), while Grid_getMaxRefinement looks for blocks with the highest refinement level (either actual or potential). 2. Grid_getMaxRefinement has additional optional arguments to select modes and task subsets.

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