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Stencils_lsNormals3d.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Stencils_lsNormals3d (phi, iNrmx, iNrmy, iNrmz, dx, dy, dz, ix1, ix2, jy1, jy2, kz1, kz2)

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subroutine Stencils_lsNormals3d ( real, dimension(:,:,:), intent(in)  phi,
real  iNrmx,
real  iNrmy,
real  iNrmz,
real, intent(in)  dx,
real, intent(in)  dy,
real, intent(in)  dz,
integer, intent(in)  ix1,
integer, intent(in)  ix2,
integer, intent(in)  jy1,
integer, intent(in)  jy2,
integer, intent(in)  kz1,
integer, intent(in)  kz2 

Definition at line 15 of file Stencils_lsNormals3d.F90.