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Grid_putFluxData_block.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Grid_putFluxData_block (blockDesc, fluxBufX, fluxBufY, fluxBufZ, lo, isFluxDensity)

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subroutine Grid_putFluxData_block ( type(Grid_tile_t)  blockDesc,
real  fluxBufX,
real  fluxBufY,
real  fluxBufZ,
integer, dimension(3), intent(in)  lo,
logical  isFluxDensity 

Save fluxes passed in as arguments in semipermanent flux storage (SPFS).

A stub that does nothing is used for the Uniform Grid implementation.

blockDesc : describes the current block. Note that this should be a full block, not a tile representing a partial block.

fluxBufX : fluxes in IAXIS-direction

fluxBufY : fluxes in JAXIS-direction; ignored if NDIM < 2

fluxBufZ : fluxes in KAXIS-direction; ignored if NDIM < 3

lo : lower bounds for the spatial indices of the flux buffers

isFluxDensity : indicates, for each flux component, whether the component is a flux proper (if TRUE) or a flux density (otherwise). This may be either removed, or changed into a scalar flag, later.


The arrays fluxBufX, fluxBufY, fluxBufZ are subject to index reordering.

This interface does not require level-wide fluxes to be allocated.

SPFS means semi-permanent flux storage. When using a Grid implementation based on AMReX, SPFS is implemented by an AMReX flux register class, such as FlashFluxRegister. When using a Grid implementation based on PARAMESH, SPFS is provideded by arrays flux_x, flux_y, flux_z private to PARAMESH in conjunction with additional arrays like gr_[xyz]flx and gr_xflx_[yz]face,gr_yflx_[xz]face, gr_zflx_[xy]face that are private to the Paramesh4 immplementation of the Grid.


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