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Grid_renormAbundance.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Grid_renormAbundance (tileDesc, tileLimits, solnData)

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subroutine Grid_renormAbundance ( type(Grid_tile_t)  tileDesc,
integer  tileLimits,
real  solnData 

Renormalize the abundances in a given block so they sum to 1. This should be used before calling the EOS. Each abundance is restricted to fall between smallx and 1.

Also check the abundance conservation and report if it is worse than abundErr.

This routine is called automatically by Hydro and MHD in FLASH if the irenorm runtime parameter is set to 1.

Only abundances/fluids which contribute to the EOS are included.

blockDesc - the block number to renormalize blkLimits - the index limits for internal zones of the block to renormalize solnData - Pointer to the block to be renormalized


smallx - the cutoff value for the composition mass fraction



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