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Eos_guardCells.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Eos_guardCells (eosMode, Uin, corners, layers, skipSrl)

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subroutine Eos_guardCells ( integer  eosMode,
real  Uin,
logical  corners,
integer, dimension(MDIM), optional  layers,
logical  skipSrl 

Another layer of wrapping around Eos_wrapped calls, provided as a convenience to make it easy to apply the EOS to guard cells only.

eosmode : determines which variables are used as Eos input variables. The valid values are MODE_DENS_EI (where density and internal energy are inputs), MODE_DENS_PRES (density and pressure as inputs) MODE_DENS_TEMP (density and temperature are inputs). These quantities are defined in constants.h. The argument is passed unchanged and unexamined to Eos_wrapped calls.

U : pointer to data structure for one block worth for state variables

corners : indicates whether Eos should be called on corner guard cells (i.e., diagonal guard cells) layers : the number of guard cells to be included along each dimension skipSrl : whether to skip guard cell regions that are coming from neighboring blocks at the same refinement (or from boundary conditions) and thus have not undergone interpolation or restrictions.

SEE ALSO Eos_wrapped

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