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Burn_nseAtPres.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Burn_nseAtPres (qbar_nse, sumyi_nse, approxtemp, edot, Yedot, Ye, pres, hmq)

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subroutine Burn_nseAtPres ( real  qbar_nse,
real  sumyi_nse,
real  approxtemp,
real  edot,
real  Yedot,
real  Ye,
real  pres,
real  hmq 

this function gives the NSE final state for a constant pressure burn via table lookup. qbar is returned in MeV/nucleon only the compositional information (qbar, 1/Abar, edot, Yedot) should be used for hydrodynamics purposes. accurate thermodynamic prperties of the NSE final state (rho, T) should be obtained by solving eint + P/rho - qbar_nse = hmq This is important due to the limited accuracy of the table interpolation (i.e. the interpolated values cannot satisfy any constraints on their own.)

qbar_nse – sumyi_nse – approxtemp – edot – Yedot – Ye – pres – hmq – H minus Q = Specific Enthalpy minus binding energy = eint + P/rho

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