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Grid_getDomainBC.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Grid_getDomainBC (boundary)

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subroutine Grid_getDomainBC ( integer, dimension(LOW:HIGH,MDIM), intent(out)  boundary)

Returns the boundary condition for each face of the domain

The boundary conditions are defined in the header file constants.h, ie. OUTFLOW, REFLECTING, PERIODIC etc

boundary - array returned holding boundary conditions, except when periodic, if any of the faces of the block are on a physical boundary.

the first index of the array can take on values LOW or HIGH, and the second index can be IAXIS, JAXIS or KAXIS


The #define constants LOW, HIGH, IAXIS, JAXIS and KAXIS are defined in constants.h and are meant to ease the readability of the code. instead of boundary(2,3) = PERIODIC the code reads boundary(HIGH, KAXIS) = PERIODIC

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