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Hydro_computeDt.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Hydro_computeDt (tileDesc, x, dx, uxgrid, y, dy, uygrid, z, dz, uzgrid, blkLimits, blkLimitsGC, solnData, dtCheck, dtMinLoc, extraInfo)

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◆ Hydro_computeDt()

subroutine Hydro_computeDt ( type(Grid_tile_t)  tileDesc,
real, dimension(blkLimitsGC(LOW,IAXIS):blkLimitsGC(HIGH,IAXIS))  x,
real, dimension(blkLimitsGC(LOW,IAXIS):blkLimitsGC(HIGH,IAXIS))  dx,
real, dimension(blkLimitsGC(LOW,IAXIS):blkLimitsGC(HIGH,IAXIS))  uxgrid,
real, dimension(blkLimitsGC(LOW,JAXIS):blkLimitsGC(HIGH,JAXIS))  y,
real, dimension(blkLimitsGC(LOW,JAXIS):blkLimitsGC(HIGH,JAXIS))  dy,
real, dimension(blkLimitsGC(LOW,JAXIS):blkLimitsGC(HIGH,JAXIS))  uygrid,
real, dimension(blkLimitsGC(LOW,KAXIS):blkLimitsGC(HIGH,KAXIS))  z,
real, dimension(blkLimitsGC(LOW,KAXIS):blkLimitsGC(HIGH,KAXIS))  dz,
real, dimension(blkLimitsGC(LOW,KAXIS):blkLimitsGC(HIGH,KAXIS))  uzgrid,
integer  blkLimits,
integer  blkLimitsGC,
real  solnData,
real  dtCheck,
integer  dtMinLoc,
real  extraInfo 

Computes the timestep limiter for the hydrodynamical solver. For pure hydrodynamics, the Courant-Fredrichs-Lewy criterion is used. The sound speed is computed and together with the velocities, is used to constrain the timestep such that no information can propagate more than one zone per timestep.

tileDesc – meta-information about the tile/block x, y, z – coordinates dx, dy, dz – deltas in each {x, y z} directions uxgrid, uygrid, uzgrid– velocity of grid expansion in {x, y z} directions solnData – the physical, solution data from grid dtCheck – variable to hold timestep constraint dtMinLoc(5) – array to hold location of cell responsible for minimum dt: dtMinLoc(1) = i index dtMinLoc(2) = j index dtMinLoc(3) = k index dtMinLoc(4) = blockID dtMinLoc(5) = hy_meshMe extraInfo - Driver_computeDt can provide extra info to the caller using this argument.

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