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Interpolate_cubic1DF.F90 File Reference

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real function Interpolate_cubic1DF (a, x)

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real function Interpolate_cubic1DF ( real, dimension (1:4), intent(in)  a,
real, intent(in)  x 

Calculates the function value for a single [x] rescaled [0,1] coordinate and the 4 monocubic expansion coefficients. The monocubic expansion reads, for one line, in terms of the rescaled [0,1] x coordinate:

3 i F (x) = sum a (i) x i=0

The location index of the a (i) inside the 4-dimensional vector is:

location index of a (i) = 1 + i

a (i) : the i-th monocubic expansion coefficient x : rescaled [0,1] x coordinate


1) The code checks, if the supplied coordinate [x] is rescaled.

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