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Grid_ascGetBlkPtr.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Grid_ascGetBlkPtr (blockID, dataPtr, gridDataStruct)
subroutine Grid_ascGetBlk5Ptr (blockID, data5Ptr, gridDataStruct)

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subroutine Grid_ascGetBlk5Ptr ( integer  blockID,
real  data5Ptr,
integer  gridDataStruct 

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◆ Grid_ascGetBlkPtr()

subroutine Grid_ascGetBlkPtr ( integer  blockID,
real  dataPtr,
integer  gridDataStruct 

Gets a pointer to allocatable scratch data for a single block of simulation data from the specified Grid data structure. The scratch data may include (some or all) guard cells, this depends on the preceding Grid_ascAllocMem call. If the optional argument "gridDataStructure" is not specified, it returns a block from cell centered data structure.

blockID : the local blockid

dataPtr : Pointer to the data block

gridDataStruct : optional integer value specifying data structure. The options are defined in constants.h and they are : SCRATCH scratch space that can fit cell and face centered variables SCRATCH_CTR scratch space for cell centered variables SCRATCH_FACEX scratch space facex variables SCRATCH_FACEY scratch space facey variables SCRATCH_FACEZ scratch space facez variables


Grid_ascGetBlkPtr is an accessor function that passes a pointer as an argument and requires an explicit interface for most compilers.

Don't forget to call Grid_ascReleaseBlkPtr when you are finished with it!

SEE ALSO Grid_ascAllocMem Grid_ascReleaseBlkPtr Grid_getBlkPtr

Definition at line 51 of file Grid_ascGetBlkPtr.F90.