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subroutine Grid_addToVar (srcVar, destVar, multFactor, reset)

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subroutine Grid_addToVar ( integer  srcVar,
integer  destVar,
real  multFactor,
logical, intent(in)  reset 

Compute solnData(srcVar,:,:,:)*multFactor and save in solnData(destVar,:,:,:).

If reset is true, the destination variable is first zeroed; otherwise the product is added to the existing values of destVar.

The operation is applied to interior cells of all LEAF blocks.

srcVar : the state variables to be used in the RHS of the expression

destVar : the state variables to be used in the LHS of the expression

multFactor : multiplication factor

reset : indicates whether the destination variable should be zeroed first


srcVar == destVar is allowed and behaves as expected iff reset is .FALSE.

For a copy call Grid_addToVar(srcVar, destVar, 1.0, .true.)

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