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RuntimeParameters_read.F90 File Reference

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subroutine RuntimeParameters_read (parmfile)

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subroutine RuntimeParameters_read ( character(len=MAX_STRING_LENGTH), intent(in)  parmfile)

Parses the parameter file parmfile, which contains job-dependent parameter definitions. Syntax of parameter file lines is:

# comment rest of line is a comment variable = value set variable to value strvar = "word" set string variable strvar to word

Some error checking is performed: if a variable is unrecognized, it is ignored. Syntax errors are signaled along with the offending lines. However, type mismatch errors force termination. Also, no checking is done to determine whether all of the variables have received some value. In case of repeated definitions of the same variable, the last definition overrides the others.

parmfile : the name of the parameter file to read


This routine is called during FLASH initialization to read the flash.par file. In general it would not be used by users. Instead, use the restart = .true. capability within a flash.par to restart a run from a checkpoint file, using a different flash.par configuration.

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