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Grid_communicateFluxes.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Grid_communicateFluxes (axis, coarse_level)

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subroutine Grid_communicateFluxes ( integer  axis,
integer  coarse_level 

This call launches the communication phase for flux correction.

The communication happens entirely within SPFS, and does not involve any data structures that should be directly visible to client code. Instead, client code uses subroutines like Grid_putFluxData_fluxbuf to transfer flux data to SPFS before a communication phase, and Grid_correctFluxData to get data back from SPFS after the communication.

The coarse_level argument selects a pair of refinement levels whose blocks may participate in the flux correction. The coarse_level argument identifies the refinement level on the coarse size of the fine/coarse boundaries for which data is exchanged.

It is assumed that before calling this routine, the code has already stored the correct fluxes for all relevant blocks at the finer level into the semi-permanent flux storage, using Grid_putFluxData or a variant thereof.

This routine will comunicate the data necessary, including communication between MPI ranks, so that the flux data on the coarse side of fine/coarse boundaries can be overwritten by presumably more accurate values from computations on the fine side.

axis - direction: IAXIS, JAXIS, KAXIS, or ALLDIR. coarse_level - the 1-based level index of the coarse blocks, or the special value UNSPEC_LEVEL.


SPFS means semi-permanent flux storage. When using a Grid implementation based on AMReX, SPFS is implemented by an AMReX flux register class, such as FlashFluxRegister.

The symbol UNSPEC_LEVEL is defined in constants.h.

The special value UNSPEC_LEVEL should be taken to mean "communicate between all levels". It is not supported by the AMReX implementation.

This routine should only get called when Flash-X is configured to NOT use level-wide flux arrays, i.e., when levelFlux source directories are not included and the NoLevelwideFluxes setup variable is False.


Grid_putFluxData Grid_putFluxData_fluxbuf Grid_correctFluxData

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