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Grid_mapMeshToParticles_pc.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Grid_mapMeshToParticles_pc (pt_containerPos, part_props, part_blkID, posAttrib, numAttrib, attrib, mapType, gridDataStruct)

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subroutine Grid_mapMeshToParticles_pc ( integer  pt_containerPos,
integer  part_props,
integer  part_blkID,
integer  posAttrib,
integer  numAttrib,
integer, dimension(PART_ATTR_DS_SIZE,numAttrib)  attrib,
integer  mapType,
integer  gridDataStruct 

Routine to map a quantity defined on the mesh onto the particle positions.

pt_containerPos: Position of particles type in AMReX's ParticleContainer array pt_containers of Particle_data module part_props : number of particle attributes part_blkID : the index of particle attributes that carries the block number posAttrib : particles data structure indices pointing to particle positions numAttrib : number of attributes that need to be mapped attrib : list of attributes and their corresponding mesh data structure indices processor mapType : method for mapping grid quantities to particles gridDataStruct: The Grid data structure that varGrid refers to; one of CENTER, FACEX, FACEY, FACEZ, GRIDVAR. If this argument is not present, the default is CENTER, so that attrib indicates a list of variable in UNK.

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