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subroutine Grid_computeVarDiff (level, gr_iRefSoln, gr_iSoln, ires)

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subroutine Grid_computeVarDiff ( integer, intent(in)  level,
integer  gr_iRefSoln,
integer  gr_iSoln,
integer, intent(in)  ires 

Compute the current difference of two variables. If level is -1, only the leaf block residuals are calculated; otherwise, residuals are computed for all blocks of the given level.

level - the level of blocks to take the residual for, or -1 for all LEAF blocks. gr_iRefSoln - the "reference solution" variable gr_iSoln - "the solution" variable ires - the residual variable


The difference between the reference solution and solution in the blocks (either selected by level, or all LEAF blocks) is placed in the variable ires.


DEV: Currently only implemented for Paramesh4 and UG!

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