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Simulation_mapIntToStr.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Simulation_mapIntToStr (key, str, block)

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subroutine Simulation_mapIntToStr ( integer, intent(in)  key,
character(len=*), intent(inout)  str,
integer, intent(in)  block 

This routine is created by the setup script, and should never be edited. This routine maps an index described in the Simulation.h file to a string described in the Config file. The integer can represent a variable, a species, a flux variable, or a particle property.

For example, the Config file might say: VARIABLE velx At setup time, the Simulation.h file would be created to look like #define VELX_VAR 6 The result of "call Simulation_mapIntToStr(VELX_VAR,result,MAPBLOCK_UNK)" would be result="velx"

key – integer index str – returned string map – variable indicating the type of data structure within Simulation.h. Valid values are

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