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Grid_subcellGeometry.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Grid_subcellGeometry (nsubI, nsubJ, nsubK, dvCell, dvSub, xL, xR, yL, yR, pos, blockID)

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subroutine Grid_subcellGeometry ( integer  nsubI,
integer  nsubJ,
integer  nsubK,
real  dvCell,
real  dvSub,
real  xL,
real  xR,
real  yL,
real  yR,
integer, dimension(*), intent(in)  pos,
integer  blockID 

Geometrically correct computation of the volumes of subcells.

nsubi : Number of subcell lengths per cell length in X direction.

nsubj : Number of subcell lengths per cell length in Y direction.

nsubk : Number of subcell lengths per cell length in Z direction.

dvcell : Volume of the whole cell.

dvsub : Volumes of subcells. Note that this is a 2-dimensional array. For the geometries that FLASH supports, subcells volumes never depend on the third coordinate.

xl : X-coordinate of left cell face.

xr : X-coordinate of right cell face.

yl : Y-coordinate of lower cell face.

yr : Y-coordinate of upper cell face.

pos : currently unused.

blockID : ID of block in current processor, currently unused

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