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Grid_notifySolnDataUpdate.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Grid_notifySolnDataUpdate (gds, mask)
subroutine Grid_notifySolnDataUpdateVlist (varList, gds)

Function/Subroutine Documentation

◆ Grid_notifySolnDataUpdate()

subroutine Grid_notifySolnDataUpdate ( integer, intent(in)  gds,
logical, dimension(*), intent(in)  mask 

Notify the Grid unit that the calling unit intends to update (or has updated) some solution variables.

As an effect of this notification, skipping of the next guard fill (the next time Grid_fillGuardCells is called, usually from a different unit) is canceled. (Such skipping may have been enabled by an earlier call to Grid_fillGuardCells with unitReadsMeshDataOnly=.TRUE..) Currently (2013-02-13), this is the only effect.

gds : "grid data struct", i.e., probably one of CENTER, CENTER_FACES, FACES. Use the same here as you would for the 'gridDataStruct' dummy argument of Grid_fillGuardCells. (CURRENTLY INGORED)

mask: a logical mask, intended to be of the same structure as for Grid_fillGuardCells (CURRENTLY INGORED)

varList: a list of UNK (or other) variables (CURRENTLY INGORED)


Resets gr_gcellsUpToDate flag internal to the Grid unit.

SEE ALSO Grid_fillGuardCells


All arguments are currently ignored. (2013-02-13)

This call has an effect only with PARAMESH 4 (4.0 or 4dev), since only the PARAMESH 4 implementation of Grid_fillGuardCells recognizes the internal gr_gcellsUpToDate flag.

Grid_notifySolnDataUpdate is only relevant when there are code units that call Grid_fillGuardCells with the dummy argument unitReadsMeshDataOnly= .TRUE.; currently (2013-02-13), this is controlled with the "reduceGcellFills" runtime parameter in all unit implementations included with FLASH.

A unit that updates solution data should either call Grid_fillGuardCells (without unitReadsMeshDataOnly=.TRUE., of course) or Grid_notifySolnDataUpdate; it need not do both, since an intent to update solution variables is considered implied by a call to Grid_fillGuardCells (without unitReadsMeshDataOnly=.TRUE.

If a unit only updates variables that it considers "private" to itself, it may skip calling Grid_notifySolnDataUpdate. A variable can only be considered private in this sense if no unit depends on its guard cells being filled.

Definition at line 72 of file Grid_notifySolnDataUpdate.F90.

◆ Grid_notifySolnDataUpdateVlist()

subroutine Grid_notifySolnDataUpdateVlist ( integer  varList,
integer, intent(in)  gds 

Definition at line 79 of file Grid_notifySolnDataUpdate.F90.