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Grid_getNumVars.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Grid_getNumVars (gridStruct, nVar)

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◆ Grid_getNumVars()

subroutine Grid_getNumVars ( integer  gridStruct,
integer  nVar 

Returns the number of variables in each mesh data structure. Allows us to write more flexible code that is not dependent on NUNK_VARS and NFACE_VARS, etc.

gridStruct – Integer value representing mesh data structure; one of CENTER,FACEX,FACEY,FACEZ,SCRATCH_CTR,etc. nVar – Number of mesh variables in gridStruct


The symbols CENTER,FACEX,FACEY,FACEZ,SCRATCH_CTR, etc., for use in in the gridStruct argument, are defined in header file constants.h .

Definition at line 30 of file Grid_getNumVars.F90.