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Simulation_mapParticlesVar.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Simulation_mapParticlesVar (part_key, var_key, var_type)

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subroutine Simulation_mapParticlesVar ( integer, intent(in)  part_key,
integer, intent(out)  var_key,
integer, intent(out)  var_type 

This routine is created by the setup script, and should never be edited. It maps particles properties to the appropriate mesh variables. The mesh variables could be cell centered, in which case the key indexes to "unk" data structure, or they could be face centered, where it indexes to facevarx/y/x data structure, or they could be one of the Grid_vars (the scratch variables).

part_key – The index of the particle property var_key – index into the appropriate data structure var_type – The data structure into which the particle property is being mapped. Currently it can take on the following values; VARIABLE (for cell centered variables) SPECIES (for cell centered species) MASS_SCALAR (for cell centered mass scalars) FACEVAR (for face centered variables) GRIDVAR ( for scratch variables)

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