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Particles_advance.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Particles_advance (dtOld, dtNew)

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subroutine Particles_advance ( real  dtOld,
real  dtNew 

Time advancement routine for the Particle Unit, called from within a single block. Particle velocities are interpolated from the grid.

The two different time steps are needed if a multi-step method changes timestep sizes between steps. (e.g. Predictor-Corrector or Midpoint)

At the end of moving particles internally within a block, Particles_advance calls the routine Grid_moveParticles, which redistributes particles that have gone outside the current block.

dtOld: real time step for the last velocity scheme (not used in some routines) dtNew: real time step for the current round of sweeps



This routine is called TWICE within each time step. It is called once after each split-direction Hydro sweep.

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