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Driver_init.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Driver_init ()

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subroutine Driver_init

Perform the Driver unit initializations. Gets runtime parameters from the flash.par, or from checkpoint file if run is a restart.

Initializes the simulation time, initial dt, timestep, whether from scratch or restart. Also, verifies that the initial dt passes CFL criteria.


These are the runtime parameters used by the basic Driver unit. Your specific implementation may have more runtime parameters.

To see the default parameter values and all the runtime parameters specific to your simulation check the "setup_params" file in your object directory. You may have overwritten these values with the flash.par values for your specific run.

dt_init [REAL] Initial timestep DEV: inconsistent naming dtmax [REAL] Maximum timestep dtmin [REAL] Minimum timestep nbegin [INTEGER] First timestep nend [INTEGER] Maximum number of timesteps to take restart [BOOLEAN] Is this a restart run? tinitial [REAL] Initial simulation time tmax [REAL] Maximum simulation time wall_clock_time_limit [REAL] Total wall clock time limit (seconds) tstep_change_factor [REAL] factor to allow multiplicative increase in dt until it hits the CFL condition. This lets initial dt be very conservative initially, but increase rapidly to find the the optimum value.

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