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Grid_mapParticlesToMesh.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Grid_mapParticlesToMesh (particles, part_props, numParticles, maxParticlesPerProc, propPart, varGrid, mode, ptInfo)

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subroutine Grid_mapParticlesToMesh ( real, dimension(part_props,numParticles)  particles,
integer  part_props,
integer  numParticles,
integer  maxParticlesPerProc,
integer  propPart,
integer  varGrid,
integer, optional  mode,
integer  ptInfo 

Routine to map a quantity defined for particles onto the mesh.

particles : List of particles. It is two dimensional real array, the first dimension represents each particle's properties, and second dimension is index to particles.

part_props : number of properties in the particles datastructure

numParticles : While coming in it contains the current number of particles mapped to this processor. After all the data structure movement, the number of local particles might change, and the new value is put back into it maxParticlesPerProc : The size of the buffer allocated for particles at compile time. This is the largest number of particles that a simulation can have on one processor at any time. varGrid: Index of gridded variable to receive interpolated quantity propPart: Index of particle attribute to interpolate onto the mesh mode: (Optional) If zero (default), zero varGrid first; if nonzero, do not zero varGrid first ptInfo: (Optional) additional info to pass to the Particles unit in some calls, for debugging


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