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RuntimeParameters_stampIgnored.F90 File Reference

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subroutine RuntimeParameters_stampIgnored ()

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subroutine RuntimeParameters_stampIgnored

This routine stamps the ignored runtime parameters to the logfile. This routine is called from Logfile_create and will unlikely be called anywhere else in the FLASH code.

The 'ignored' runtime parameters are those parameters that are found in the flash.par but never declared in any Config file. (Runtime parameters MUST be declared in a Config file with the keyword PARAMETER. They must also be given a default value in a Config file. The flash.par file then allows the default values to be overwritten)

Sometimes these ignored parameters are just that, ignored. They don't matter to the simulation perhaps because the current simulation is using a different grid. Or they may be left over from copying from some other flash.par file and the user doesn't care. However, we do want to warn the user that something in their flash.par file did not make it into the simulation.


If RuntimeParameters_get('name', rp_name) is called with a name 'name' that does not exist, the simulation aborts due to the error in the CODE. These ignored variables appear ONLY in the flash.par

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