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subroutine Particles_initPositions (partPosInitialized, updateRefine)

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subroutine Particles_initPositions ( logical  partPosInitialized,
logical  updateRefine 

Initialize particle locations. There are the versions currently available.

Lattice creates particles which are evenly distributed in space WithDensity creates particles distributed according to the global distribution of density. FromFile reads them in from a file

partPosInitialized : boolean. Upon entry it is true if all particles have been successfully intialized, and there is no need for further action. Upon exit it has is true if it successfully initialized all the particles locally. The routine for configuring the initial AMR grid "gr_expandDomain" determines if all particles initialization was globally successful. When AMR is not being used, or when refinement based upon Particles is turned off, this routine is called directly from Driver_initAll with partPosInitialized set to .false. so that particles are initialized. In such instances, the value at output has no meaning. updateRefine : is set to true if the implementation wishes to retain the already initialized particles; is set to false if the implementation wants particles to be reinitialized instead as the grid refines.


Each initialization version has parameters. See the Config files

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