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ut_contourSurfaceAreaBlock.F90 File Reference

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subroutine ut_contourSurfaceAreaBlock (nlevels, isolevels, ctrData, blkLimits, blkIndex, areas)

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subroutine ut_contourSurfaceAreaBlock ( integer  nlevels,
real, dimension(nlevels)  isolevels,
real  ctrData,
integer  blkLimits,
integer  blkIndex,
real, dimension(nlevels)  areas 

Extracts contour surface of a given variable using marching cubes algorithm and computs area of this surface for all blocks on this processor.

note this is just a wrapper routine for a marching cubes routine the vertex data and box dimensions are calculated and passed to a subroutine that actually does the marching cubes.

this function should not be called in a 1d simulation

Definition at line 31 of file ut_contourSurfaceAreaBlock.F90.