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Driver_driftBlock.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Driver_driftBlock (src_file, src_line, blk, ptr, gds)

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subroutine Driver_driftBlock ( character(len=*), intent(in)  src_file,
integer, intent(in)  src_line,
integer, intent(in)  blk,
real, dimension(:,:,:,:), intent(in)  ptr,
integer, intent(in)  gds 

Register the content hash of the provided block data, if it is different from the last time this block was hashed then log it to file.

src_file: source file location to log in case of changed hash src_line: source line location to log in case of changed hash blk: processor local block number ptr: block data to hash, all values will be hashed so this should not include guard cells gds: grid data struct type of data

Definition at line 28 of file Driver_driftBlock.F90.