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RadTrans_mgdSetBc.F90 File Reference

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subroutine RadTrans_mgdSetBc (ig, bcTypes, bcValues, f, bcType, bcValue)

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subroutine RadTrans_mgdSetBc ( integer, intent(in)  ig,
integer  bcTypes,
real  bcValues,
integer, intent(in), optional  f,
integer  bcType,
real  bcValue 

Set the boundary condition for a specific group. Can be invoked in one of two modes:

1. bctypes/bcvalues present: This allows you to easily set the BC on all of the faces of the domain 2. f/bctype/bcvalue present: This allows you to easily set the BC on a specific face of the domain

ig : energy group number bctypes : boundary condition type on each boundary bcvalues : boundary condition value (for dirichlet) on each boundary f : boundary number bctype : type of bondary for face f bcvalue : dirichlet value for face f

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