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IncompNS.F90 File Reference

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subroutine IncompNS (timeEndAdv, dt, dtOld, sweepOrder)

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subroutine IncompNS ( real  timeEndAdv,
real  dt,
real  dtOld,
integer  sweepOrder 

Performs INS timestep advancement.

The blockList and blockCount arguments tell this routine on which blocks and on how many to operate. blockList is an integer array of size blockCount that contains the local block numbers of blocks on which to advance.

dt gives the timestep through which this update should advance, and timeEndAdv tells the time that this update will reach when it finishes. dtOld gives the previously taken timestep.

timeEndAdv - dummy consistent with toplayer stub function dt - timestep dtOld - dummy consistent with toplayer stub function sweepOrder - dummy argument for the unsplit scheme, just a dummy variable to be consistent with a top-layer stub function

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