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RadTrans_sumEnergy.F90 File Reference

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subroutine RadTrans_sumEnergy (ivar, nblk, blklst)

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subroutine RadTrans_sumEnergy ( integer, intent(in)  ivar,
integer, intent(in)  nblk,
integer, dimension(nblk), intent(in)  blklst 

This subroutine is useful when mesh replication is active (meshCopyCount > 1). It takes an unk variable and adds it across all the meshes. For example, if each mesh had computed ERAD separately using its own energy groups, this subroutine could be used to add all of the ERADs to compute the total radiation energy.

ivar : the unk variable to add blklst : the list of blocks to cover nblk : the number of blocks

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