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Particles_initData.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Particles_initData (restart, partPosInitialized)

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subroutine Particles_initData ( logical  restart,
logical  partPosInitialized 

Initialization of particle attributes after they have been dropped into their positions.

This interface is called during Flash initialization after o particles positions, o mass properties for active particles, (NOTE: it is true in most cases, but not a requirement) o and particle tags have been initialized (or possibly read from a checkpoint, if restart is true).

This is where velocity components are initialized. For passive particles, this is done by mapping from the fluid velocity field. The sequence of initialization is such that fluid fields are guaranteed to have been initialized to their final starting values, and the configuration of the grid has been finalized including creation of blocks up to the maximum refinement level, when the Particles_initData interface is called.

The default implementation in the ParticlesInitialization subunit calls Simulation_initParticleAttrib before returning, so if custom initialization of additional particle properties is needed, that's the place to implement it.

restart - true if restarting from a checkpoint, false otherwise.


Updates particles data that is private to the Particles unit.

The defaul implementation normally sets an internal flag (pt_velInitialized) that keeps track of whether initialization of particle velocities is complete.


Driver_intFlash Simulation_initParticleAttrib

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