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Gravity_computeDt.F90 File Reference

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subroutine Gravity_computeDt (Uin, dt_grav, dt_minloc)

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subroutine Gravity_computeDt ( real  Uin,
real  dt_grav,
integer, dimension(5)  dt_minloc 

Compute the timestep limiter due to the gravitational solver.

dt_grav: Will Return the limiting timestep. Should be set to a large value (1.D99) on input. dt_minloc(5): An array to receive information about which processor, block, and zone was responsible for setting the limiting timestep. The order is i, j, k, b, p, where (i,j,k) = zone indices, b = local block ID, and p = PE #. This routine should only modify these values if it changes dt_grav.

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